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Code Title Description
PCW-01 Costpoint Revenue Recognition Revealed Look closely at the "behind the scenes" view of how data is stored in the Project Ledger table. Our focus is on three key Project types: "Cost Plus Fixed Fee", "Estimate At Completion" and "Time & Materials". We will examine what happens when revenue formulas are changed, formula levels are shifted, and the Owning Organization is changed. Our workshop will also examine the role of function codes that control how prior year rate adjustments are handled. Hands-on exercises will address how to follow step-by-step checklists to properly process modifications to "Project Revenue Info" screen.
PCW-02 The Power of Subcontractor Management in Costpoint This workshop about the Subcontractor Management feature in Costpoint will help speed up invoicing to get paid faster. You will delve into linking the Subcontract record to an existing Contracts record, connecting a subcontractor vendor to the Supplier Portal, and associating Purchase Orders with Work Assignments for use on the subcontractor employees' timesheets in Costpoint Time. This class concludes with creating the subcontractor invoice for review and approval by both an internal Costpoint user and an external subcontractor vendor using the Supplier Portal.
PCW-03 The LifeCycle of a BI Report Business Intelligence Report Authors will take part in this workshop focused on the life-cycle of building a report. Users will explore two different approaches. 1. Identifying the data in Costpoint screens and how to pull that into a report 2. Starting with a canned report and then customizing it for your needs Participants will engage in a hands-on activity to find data using the following methods: determining the underlying tables; accessing the data dictionary; help screens/Print Application Table Information; and CIC documents and model spreadsheets. Participants will also explore a canned report to understand its structure and modify it in various ways.
PCW-04 Vision to Vantagepoint Crosswalk – Managing the consolidation of the Client and Vendor info centers This pre-conference workshop will focus on managing your upgrade from Vision to Vantagepoint specifically merging of the Clients and Vendor Info center within Vision into the Firms hub in Vantagepoint. We’ll cover record management, record linking, handling of user-defined fields, reporting, address handling, key conversion, numbering considerations, and navigation menu changes. The workshop will include performing exercises within Vision to prepare your Client and Vendor records for upgrading and finish with managing converted Firm records from within Vantagepoint.
PCW-05 Vision to Vantagepoint Crosswalk - Navigation, Searches, Reports & Transaction Center This interactive 3-hour Hands-On Vision to Vantagepoint Crosswalk Workshop will help Vision users to translate some of the most common and widely used features in Vision and become familiar with where these features are located in Vantagepoint and how to use several of the new features that have been introduced in Vantagepoint. The instructor will guide the participants in creating Saved Lookups and Advanced Searches in Vantagepoint, using those saved searches on Reports and running a variety of reports in Vantagepoint using saved searches as well as creating new Lookups. In addition, the instructor will discuss the Transaction Center and will guide participants in a variety of hands-on activities in a supplied sandbox environment to highlight the differences between Vision and Vantagepoint and to enforce the topics discussed.
PCW-06 Custom Proposals in Vantagepoint Responding to a client or a potential client’s request such as an RFP (Requests for Proposal), RFI (Requests for Information) RFQ (Requests for Qualifications), SOQ (Statement of Qualification), or other client facing deliverables can be a large undertaking the involves many members of your organization, and sometimes can leave a team scrambling to pull together a response. The Custom Proposal feature of Vantagepoint is designed to make this process easier. By leveraging the great data you capture in Vantagepoint, you can use the Custom Proposal feature to create Templates and Element Groups that can be used to quickly and easily generate a client facing deliverable. The facilitator(s) will lead participants through basic functionality of Custom Proposals and best practices.
PCW-07 Preparation for Data Merger & Acquisitions in Vantagepoint Preparing for data merger & acquisitions can speed up the integration process and greatly reduce the decision stress common with some merger activities. The facilitator(s) will lead participants through steps to complete before merging data into your Vision/Vantagepoint application that includes both optimizing the current system and collecting information during due diligence to expedite the data import process.
PCW-08 Analyzing and Visualizing data with Vantagepoint Intelligence Attain the fundamentals of data visualization through Vantagepoint Intelligence. You will discover how to display data effectively and learn to share your visualizations instantly. This beginner-level interactive 3-hour Hands-On Vantagepoint Intelligence Workshop will teach how to create and display data using the robust Vantagepoint Intelligence application tool. The instructor will guide the participants in building sample data dashboards using charts, tables and maps. Participants will learn how to easily prepare and organize data, how to analyze the data, and then use that data to create visually beautiful and impressive custom reports. The instructor will also cover the steps required to share this data by uploading it into the Vantagepoint Application.
PCW-09 Developing your skills in the Talent Reporting Tool HR users - do you want to create reports to better understand your employee data, to audit your processes and provide information to your organization? During the workshop, you will gain hands-on experience in the Talent Reporting tool to make the most of the data in your Deltek Talent Management application.
PCW-10 Using the Power of Reporting Tools in ComputerEase This interactive pre-conference workshop will show users how to use ComputerEase reporting tools for maximum insights into their business. The workshop will be divided into four areas of emphasis. First, making the most out of the Standard Reports available in ComputerEase. Next, using Qtools to create/group and save reports that can be printed or exported to excel. Then, creating User Defined Financial Reports to enhance your Financial Statements in appearance and functionality. Lastly, an overview of creating User Defined Reports that make use of Excel Templates and ODBC queries which is a prequel to our conference session on these topics. This workshop will include instructor-led training along with scenario-based exercises to develop these skills.