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Optimize Your Agency Media Buying Process

Manage your media planning and buying more efficiently with an integrated media purchasing, bulling, and financial management system from Deltek WorkBook and FreeWheel Strata.

WorkBook Strata

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Manage Your Media Buying Process More Efficiently

If your agency manages media planning and buying in house you understand the complexities involved in reconciling invoices between your media and finance teams. With the new integration between Deltek WorkBook and FreeWheel Strata your agency will be able to manage billing and financials for all marketing campaigns, across media types, in one centralized location. Your agency will reduce inefficiences while increasing cash flows and profit margins.

Strata Invoice Reconcilation

Reduce Manual Data Entry

A seamless API integration saves time and eliminates errors that are common when importing or having to reenter data into your accounting system from spreadsheets or disparate media management tools.

Increase Cash Flow & Improve Profit Margins

Inefficiencies and errors created by reentering data can wreak havoc on cash flow and eat away at your margins. You will be able to easily reconcile invoices and ensure agency gets paid qucikly and accurately.

Strata Media POIN Budget

Strata Media Estimate

Increase Transparancy

Become more confident in your agency's financial data. Create greater visibility, manage costs and avoid potential overruns by more accurately accounting for media buys.

“With the Deltek WorkBook and FreeWheel Strata integration we've decreased media invoice data entry by 99%.”

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