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Grasp New Opportunities to Win, Service & Retain Customers

Discover why Professional Services Automation (PSA) is the solution you need to manage your clients, resources, financials, and BI so you can focus on what matters: delivering exceptional project outcomes.


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What You’ll Learn

How a PSA solution unites project and task data in one place, enabling key insights into business and project performance. See the big picture across project profitability, employee utilization, future project pipeline, future revenue forecasts and more…

Deliver Successful Project Outcomes with PSA

What is PSA?

What is PSA?

Discover what Professional Services Automation is and why you need it if you want to deliver more profitable projects.

The Key Components of a PSA

Key Components of PSA

What are the key components of a PSA solution and how do they connect project data across your business?

Seven Benefits of PSA

Seven Benefits of PSA

From higher win rates to better resource allocation and enhanced project management, how will PSA benefit your business?


Organizations that have both ERP and PSA integrated see a 35.7% project margin and deliver 661 projects, compared to a 30.6% margin and 132 projects with no PSA solution.

2022 Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report, SPI