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Acumen Touchstone

Ensure a solid foundation for your project success through sound schedule quality.

Save Valuable Time and Resources with Deltek Acumen Touchstone

Deltek Acumen Touchstone fully automates the schedule submission process, adhering to your organization’s metrics, best practices and standards. By removing the burden of having to manually review each schedule submittal for quality and deliverability, your team can spend valuable time and resources focusing on the strategic aspects of your projects and programs.

Acumen Touchstone

Power Project Success with Deltek Acumen Touchstone


Free up valuable resources by automating schedule reviews, all while adhering to your company's best practices.

Configuration Management

Locate the most recent versions of schedules with the click of a button, significantly minimizing mistakes, while saving time.

Status Visibility

Easily keep track of submitted and missing schedules through the status snapshot view, enabling you to proactively reach out to missing submitters.

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