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A&E SPI Benchmark Report

How to increase productivity and profit during uncertain times.

The A&E SPI Benchmark Report compares key performance indicators (KPIs), including employee attrition, project margin and revenue, from across the European and North American Architecture and Engineering (A&E) market. These metrics will help you to benchmark your business and make organisational and financial improvement.

Report Highlights

European Industry Analysis

Industry analysis to measure technology maturity across Europe.

Key Performance Indicators

Top business metrics for your leadership team to review and take action.

Recommendations to Improve Performance

Data-driven recommendations for performance improvements across all sizes of A&E firms.

“Service Performance Insight’ (SPI) 2019 Professional Services Maturity Benchmark report is the industry leading performance improvement tool used by over 25,000 service and project-oriented organizations to chart their course to service excellence.”

Dave Hofferberth, Managing Director, SPI Research

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