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How to Start Selling to SLED Governments

The SLED (State, Local and Education) market is full of opportunity. This guide outlines how your business can succeed in selling to SLED government agencies across the country. Download your free guide to learn how your business can get started and expand its sales to SLED Governments.

SLED Government Contracting 101

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What's Inside:

Download this guide and learn what types of governmental entities are considered part of the SLED market and how to pursue SLED contracts. You will also receive tools, resources and services to help your firm enter the SLED market and become competitive and successful.

“Government buyers in the SLED market will purchase every type of product and service to meet needs and solve problems. Regardless of what your company sells, it makes sense to investigate the opportunity that selling to SLED would represent for your revenues and profitability.”

Paul Irby, Research Manager, SLED Market Analysis, Deltek

SLED Public Sector Market Stats:


$1.5 Trillion

With nearly $1.5T in annual contract spending, the SLED government market represents nearly 10% of the United States’ GDP.

federal market


The SLED market is comprised of over 100,000 unique governmental entities purchasing a wide variety of contractor-provided goods and services.



SLED government agencies publish nearly half a million competitive bid and RFP government contracting opportunities each year.


The government entities that fall under the SLED market definition include state governments, municipal governments, counties, special districts, independent school districts and public colleges and universities.

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