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Digitalise Your Entire Business And Sites In Under 4 Weeks

Go paperless, move to the cloud, reduce risk and become more efficient with our new site digitalization pack.

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Connect Information Across Teams On Site

The Deltek PIM Site Digitalisation Package is designed for construction companies to quickly deploy the power of Deltek Project Information Management (PIM) and its mobile application.

From the Office, To Your Site, And Beyond

From the Office, To Your Site, And Beyond

  • Instantly access and capture site data from mobile devices
  • Get preloaded mobile templates to digitise site activities
  • Monitor status’ of snags with dashboard reporting


of construction businesses believe sharing documents is the most important way to improve collaboration, yet only 9% have a single enterprise wide collaboration system.

Why Digitalise Your Business And Mobile Workforce?

Instant Access to Information

Instant Access to Information

Ensure your staff have access to project correspondence, emails, contracts, RFIs, and more, wherever they are.

Shift To A Paperless Business

Shift To A Paperless Business

Take your business to the next level. Don’t risk losing information or waste time taking paper between office and site any longer.

Move Your Business To The Cloud

Move Your Business To The Cloud

Reduce the cost of ownership, maximise your own IT resource and eliminate any unforeseen hardware issues.

Deltek Mobile In Action

Our mobile application delivers a simple, digital and paperless connection between your office and projects sites from your mobile device whether on the project site or in the office. You can access key project information, capture site photos, record site observations, complete electronic forms and much more. This video will show you exactly what the existing mobile application can offer.

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