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The Burning Question
of Scope Creep

Why Everyone Has a Responsibility to Stop Projects from Spreading Out of Control

Scope creep is like a wildfire: it starts with a smoldering ash and can quickly become a large, uncontrollable situation — turning an agencies or consulting firm’s profitability into ruins. It goes without saying that most-- if not all—project-centric businesses are looking for the magic extinguisher to snuff out scope creep before its damage spreads.

What is Scope Creep?

A Very Real Hazard

Scope creep poses a serious threat to creative agency and consulting firms. Minimizing or preventing scope creep is the responsibility of everyone involved in a project. Both internal and external aspects of a project-centric business feel the effects of scope creep.

Feeling the Burn?

Impacts of Smoldering Scope Creep


Delivery staff inside these firm can become demotivated and the quality of their output begins to suffer.


The trust between clients and the firms can quickly erode and communications become difficult to manage on an ongoing basis


Operations become strained, profitability is quickly destroyed, reputations are damaged and can ultimately result in a firm’s demise

Fitch & Brand Union chose Deltek TrafficLive
The Solution

Keeping the Scope Creep Flames Under Control

A lack of internal controls and visibility is a root-cause of scope creep. Listen how Fitch & Brand Union optimized their processes and improved their business to avoid potential job over-runs by leveraging Deltek TrafficLIVE as their front end system.

Make your Projects Totally Fire-resistant

To keep the fires at bay, more and more project-centric firms are turning to Deltek to improve their operations, customer relationships and employee morale.

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