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Executive Summary

Drive Your Professional Services Firm's Success in 2024

Benchmark your professional services firm and discover key metrics that drive efficiency and growth in the 2024 SPI Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark - Executive Summary.

SPI Executive Summary

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Discover Key Benchmarks & Professional Services Industry Trends

For over 17 years, the SPI Benchmark Report has been reporting key professional services benchmarks and industry trends. The executive summary discusses key findings from our 2024 report that will help you understand important KPIs and provide insights into trends that will help you improve business outcomes.

“The Global Standard for Benchmarks”

Today, the SPI Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report is generally considered to be the global standard for PS benchmarks.

You Will Learn:

Key Benchmarks for 2024

Key Benchmarks for 2024

Discover how your firm stacks up against your peers and industry benchmark standards.

Discover Industry Trends

Discover Industry Trends

Discover industry trends and reveal what KPIs high-performing firms focus on.

Improve Business Outcomes

Access the Full Report

You will have access to the full 200+ page Professional Services Maturity™ Benchmark Report.


A Missed Target: Professional services firms missed their revenue goals last year, achieving only 90.6% of their target.

It's not too late to set your professional services firm up for success!