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Nucleus Research: How Costpoint Customers Achieve Audit Compliance in the Cloud

Government contracting-specific ERPs provide many invaluable features for organizations working with the government. Find out why this helps them improve their competitive position, win more contracts, and improve margins.

Costpoint Nucleus 2023

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What's Inside

Nucleus Research spoke to several Deltek customers and uncovered the tangible operational benefits that Costpoint in the Cloud provides its customers. It also presents a snapshot of Deltek’s current standing and trajectory within the government contracting industry.

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Increasing Win Rate

Increasing Win Rate

Due to its range of security and compliance support, Costpoint sets organizations up to readily pass accounting audits.

Improving Employee Productivity

Improving Employee Productivity

By eliminating manual tasks such as data entry, Costpoint enables users to become more efficient in their day-to-day work.

Enhancing Organizational Visibility

Enhancing Organizational Visibility

Centralizing accounting, budgeting and procurement data gives organizations a complete view of their operations that drives better decision-making.

“Another customer reported that by using Costpoint, it was immediately classified by auditors as a low-risk firm ”

Nucleus Research

Find Out How Costpoint Can Help You Stay Compliant!