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Is Your Current ERP Solution Holding You Back?

The wrong Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution makes it difficult for your business, people and projects to excel. Download the guide to discover the four ways that your current ERP could be holding you back and what to do about it.

4 Signs Your Current ERP is Holding You Back

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What's Inside

This guide demonstrates how outdated or ill-fitting ERP systems can negatively affect project and business performance and growth. It lists four signs that indicate the need to move to a modern project ERP solution: lack of integration, poor visibility, manual processes, and security risks. It also provides some tips on choosing the right project ERP for your business needs.

“Having a single source of data that brought together the company's projects, CRM and financials was really important to us, and we needed a system that aligned with how professional services firms are set up.”

Mark Worrell, Head of Systems and MI, APEM

Signs It's Time to Move on From Your Current ERP

Lack Of Functionality

Lack Of Functionality

An ERP should guide your firm through the entire project lifecycle, starting with finding and winning new business.

Low User Adoption

Low User Adoption

Unfriendly or outdated user interfaces can cause resistance from employees to even use the system.

Complicated Processes

Complicated Processes

If you find yourself doing manual data entry or exporting data for easier reporting, your ERP is holding you back.

Follow the signs - discover if your current ERP is holding you back.