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Find and Win More Information Technology Opportunities with GovWin IQ

Get a Strategic View of Information Technology Markets with GovWin IQ

Government Procurement in Information Technology

The vast information technology sector is shaping federal, state, local and educational government. Far beyond the traditional IT hardware and software solutions, the sector increasingly involves cyber security, digital government and cloud-based solutions. Our complete coverage spans information services consulting, IT hardware, software & services, telecommunications, wireless and Value Added Resellers (VARs), and more.

GovWin IQ’s Strategic Advantage

GovWin IQ helps information technology providers connect with agencies who need information technology solutions today, and are planning for process and system upgrades for years to come. GovWin IQ goes beyond bids and RFPs to highlight fixed-length contracts, spending forecasts and budget & planning documents for thousands of federal, state, local and educational agencies across the country. We enable providers in this intensely competitive tech space to respond effectively today, while strategically managing the future.

GovWin IQ

Benefits of GovWin IQ

  • Get relevant leads months or even years in advance of government RFP and bid announcements
  • Collaborate with your team and distribute qualified leads to remote members or your CRM
  • Access thousands of procurement contacts and comprehensive government agency spending data
  • Find quality teaming partners in our exclusive GovWin Network™
  • Plan beyond the proposal and build a long-term public sector sales pipeline

What GovWin IQ Clients Are Saying

“By partnering with GovWin IQ it means we see more opportunities which in turn means more wins. We’re striking out less and hitting more singles, doubles and home runs.”


Benefits At A Glance For Information Technology Firms

Complete Coverage

Find IT hardware, cloud services, information services consulting and cybersecurity contracts, all in one place.

Strategic Management

Use our spending forecasts and budget & planning documents to respond effectively today while strategically managing the future.

Agency Profiles

Identify key decision makers and gain knowledge about your customer to better position your company.

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