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How to Start Selling to the Federal Government

Download your free guide to understand the different types of government contracts, how to register to do business with the federal government, and ways to capture new federal sales opportunities.

Federal Government Contracting 101

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What's Inside:

Contracting with the U.S. federal government, the world’s biggest customer, is unlike working with any other client. While the labyrinth of regulations and bureaucracy can be daunting, the opportunity that comes out of federal contracting can be highly lucrative. In this guide, we help you get ready for federal government contracting.

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Getting Started in Federal Government Contracting:


Registering to do Business

Preparation pays off in federal contracting. Before you are even considered for a contract, you must register your business in several locations.

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Finding Federal Contracts

Federal agencies use several methods of advertising their intent to spend money, including socioeconomic set-aside programs and government websites such as


Understanding Contract Types

There are many types of contracts the government may write, each of which has advantages and disadvantages for both the contractor and the government customer.

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