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Efficiency Report for Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Do agencies have the right processes and systems in place to maximize creativity?

Efficiency: Every Agency's Holy Grail?


Too Many

Agencies admit estimates underpinned by a certain amount of guesswork


Automated & Manual

How accurate is information if there is no consistent way to measure? You can't manage what you can't measure.


Rely on

How much time is lost reconciling data from multiple spreadsheets – one for time spent, one for costs, one for budget

"What we think we know about our business is massively open to personal bias – too often we base our thinking on 'I reckon...' rather than hard data."

Strategy Director

Where Technology Meets Creativity

  • Reduce excessive admin time and unbillable costs
  • Free up staff to focus on creativity
  • Simplify project scheduling and time tracking
  • Align resourcing and staffing pipelines
  • Increase accuracy of estimates and invoices
  • Increase agency-wide collaboration

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