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Leading Consulting Firms Choose Deltek Vantagepoint

Improve project and resource management and increase your profitability with Deltek Vantagepoint, an ERP solution built specifically for professional services firms.


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Never Outgrow Your ERP Solution

Trusted by thousands of Consulting firms around the world, Deltek empowers firms with the tools they need to connect and automate the project lifecycle that fuels their business. Built for the way Consulting firms work, Deltek Vantagepoint provides complete visibility into your business allowing you to allocate the right resources for your projects and track costs.

Power Your Consulting Project Success

With Deltek Vantagepoint you’ll gain insights that keep you on schedule and on budget. Monitor performance, improve collaboration, allocate the right resources, identify risks and make adjustments to meet changing client demands — all leading to successful engagements. And that means a successful business.

Reporting and business intelligence

To stay competitive, it’s imperative that your firm gets the business intelligence you need to make quicker, better-informed decisions and drive your business forward. Deltek Vantagepoint delivers actionable insights into the health of your firm’s business.

CRM and Pipeline Management

50% of consulting firms report an increase in competition and pricing pressure. It’s time to set your firm apart from competitors. With Deltek Vantagepoint’s CRM & pipeline management, you can identify potential clients early, pinpoint prospects worth pursuing, and position your firm to win.

CRM and Pipeline Management

Resource Management

Resource Management

Getting the right people scheduled for each engagement from the start makes it easier to deliver success every time. With Deltek Vantagepoint, you can pinpoint the right resources based on skills and availability and optimise resource management and utilisation to increase profitability.

“Deltek’s intense focus on project-driven organizations really resonated with the kind of culture we were trying to create. They are truly committed to project-driven organizations, and you can’t necessarily say the same with the other competitors. There’s a large percentage of the industry that uses Deltek products, so it’s clearly the favored platform.”

Markus Wiedner, Chief Innovation Officer at Pennoni

Why Do You Need Deltek Vantagepoint?

Customisable To Fit Your Needs

Customisable to Fit Your Needs

Vantagepoint allows Consulting firms to add custom fields, notes and charts at all levels which provides the flexibility needed to meet specific users’ requirements. The solution is implemented as per your business need, not the other way round.

One Single Source of Truth

One Single Source of Truth

Move your existing systems into a single, integrated platform to eliminate duplicate entries of data and provide decision-makers with the right information at the right time.

Flexible Work From Anywhere

Flexible Work From Anywhere

Enable teamwork and collaboration from anywhere, anytime via a single tool for real-time updates, which will lead to enhanced productivity and improve timeline delivery.

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