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What are the Secrets to High Growth Consultancies?

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A Year of Transformation and Uncertainty

It has been a year that has challenged long-held assumptions and caused many firms to reexamine every aspect of their business. Some firms have thrived beyond their wildest expectations, while others have struggled to survive. This year’s study provides an in-depth look at the major trends impacting firms in the consulting industry. You will learn what high-growth consulting firms are doing to make them more visible and grow faster than their competition.

Secrets Revealed

Industry Trends

Year-over-year trends impacting firms in the consulting industry

Pandemic Impact

How COVID has impacted high growth consulting firms

Keys to Growth

Specific strategies and techniques that worked for the most successful consulting firms

“This High Growth analysis explores the specific strategies and techniques that have worked for the most successful Consulting firms and contrasts them with their No Growth peers.”

- Lee Frederiksen Ph.D., Managing Partner, The Hinge Institute

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