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Excelling at the Intersection of Pipeline and Delivery

How consulting firms efficiently capture new clients while simultaneously delighting existing customers.

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How to Balance Customer Acquisition & Service Delivery

The ability to win new customers while simultaneously satisfying existing clients is paramount to consulting growth. Of the fastest-growing firms, 81% excel at balancing business development and client service. This report looks at research on the top challenges consulting firms face in driving growth and discusses tips for increasing sales pipeline and improving overall efficiency.

You Will Learn:


How to Analyze Characteristics of High Growth

We look at the performance of firms’ lead generation programs, pipeline development efforts, and revenue performance year-to-date and analyze shared traits.


Identify Notable
Buying Trends

We analyze 5 professional services buying trends and discuss strategies to capitalize on these tendencies.


Balance Business Development & Client Service

The paper discusses specific strategies you can incorporate today to help build a robust pipeline while delivering stellar client service.

The most common benchmark of success:


of the fastest growing firms excel at balancing business development AND client service. Learn specific strategies to increase pipeline while still delivering perfect projects.

Excelling at the Intersection of Pipeline and Delivery