Construction Accounting University

Deltek ComputerEase presents Construction Accounting University and Construction Accounting University 2.0, a free series of video classes designed to guide contractors through the transformation from traditional accounting practices to specialized construction accounting methods. The first series provides an overview of construction accounting fundamentals and best practices to set your business up for success.

In the second series, we'll take a closer look at key topics in construction accounting and provide industry insights for a comprehensive understanding of the factors impacting the growth of your business. Register today to accelerate your path to becoming a construction accounting expert and enhance the predictability and profitability of your construction business.



Construction Accounting Basics »

When a contractor has decided it’s time to make the transition from standard accounting methods and tools to construction-specific accounting methods and tools, it’s best to start by reviewing the fundamentals of construction accounting.


Job Costing for Construction »

Job costing excellence is at the core of high performing construction companies and measures the success throughout the job while providing insight into its future profitability.


Work-in-Progress (WIP) Reporting »

Work-in-Progress is a key function to job costing that allows contractors to proactively manage jobs, their businesses, and also provides the essential details often required by banks, surety agents, and more.


Cash Flow Management »

Even with a strong backlog, not properly managing cash flow can be problematic for a contractor. Slow invoicing, unexpected expenses, and late payments from customers can cause serious cash flow issues.


Managing Construction Payroll »

There are several variables regarding construction labor making payroll more complex than most industries. Contractors that are disciplined and documented in how they approach payroll are less likely to encounter legal issues, penalties, and disruption to their business.


Construction Change Order Fundamentals »

Change orders are an inevitable part of doing business as a contractor and can often mean more revenue. However, when mismanaged, change orders can be time-consuming and disruptive to the relationship between the contractor and their customer.



Job Costing for Business Growth »

Job costing excellence is at the core of high-performing construction companies and is a proven method that the most successful contractors use to steer the financial success of their businesses.


Deep Dive into Construction WIP »

WIP is key to construction job costing, allowing contractors to proactively manage their jobs and businesses. By leveraging WIP reports, contractors can set their jobs and business up for success. 


Proven Hiring and Worker Retention Strategies »

During a labor shortage in construction, contractors should consider best practices for hiring and retaining talent. Learning from leaders who are already making strides is the best way to enforce your own success.


Construction Revenue Recognition »

Revenue recognition identifies when and how revenue is to be recognized. In construction, the long-term nature of projects can lead to complexities in your accounting and cash-flow.


Prevailing Wage Essentials for Construction »

Understanding prevailing wage is crucial in construction. With the right resources, you will emerge equipped with the knowledge to ensure your construction jobs adhere to prevailing wage requirements. 


Best Practices for Construction Business Expansion »

Whether you are a contractor that is just starting out or you have been in the industry for years, successfully expanding your business requires strategic planning and strong leadership.