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Fast & Easy Online Proofing for Creative Teams

Get better feedback and faster approvals on your creative work with Deltek ConceptShare.

No credit card required

“Deltek ConceptShare helps us capture feedback from our clients and internal teams quickly, so we can focus on what we do best – making content worth creating!”

— Cait Martin Newnham, Producer, MediaOne

Getting Feedback on Creative Work Couldn’t Be Easier

An inefficient approvals process can eat up a big chunk of production time, putting deadlines, costs, and revenue at risk. Deltek ConceptShare streamlines the review and approval process so you can avoid rework, reduce costs and deliver more content faster.

Upload Any Type of Creative Work

Whether it's a one-off design or multiple campaign assets, ConceptShare makes the review & approval process easy.

Simply upload images, videos, banner ads, and 60+ other types of content - and get feedback and approvals quickly.

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Invite & Collaborate with Reviewers

Say goodbye to back and forth email review and take the guesswork out of the feedback cycle.

Markups, feedback, and collaboration happen where it matters most - directly on your content.

Prioritize, Track, and Manage Changes

Eliminate unnecessary re-work by flagging and prioritizing feedback so creatives know exactly what changes to make.

Reviewers can see their changes in action with side-by-side, down to the pixel version comparison.

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proofing software

Keep Reviewers on Track & Production Moving

ConceptShare makes it easy to get clear & actionable feedback and approvals quickly.

Automated reminders and dashboards keep reviewers on task so feedback doesn't delay your projects.

ConceptShare for Jira

Get clear, actionable feedback and faster approvals on your creative work right from your Jira projects with Deltek ConceptShare’s easy to use online proofing integration.

  • Fully integrate your agile workflow
  • Accelerate the review cycle
  • All reviewers can easily participate, no Jira access or training required
  • Get visibility into all reviews from Jira

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