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A Quality Plan Makes A Great Project

Create quality schedules and execute them with consistent success and minimal risk. Discover how Deltek Acumen can help you to ensure your project success.

Initial Baseline, Risks and Acceleration

Initial Baseline, Risks and Acceleration

  • Import of the schedule detailing the initial baseline
  • Apply risks to the original baselined schedule
  • Optimize the risk-adjusted schedule for project delivery

Schedule Quality Analysis

  • Track schedule quality over time
  • Identify specific causes of poor schedule quality
  • Drill into metrics from the chart
Schedule Quality Analysis

Project Quality Scoring

Project Quality Scoring

  • Easily identify metrics that are driving poor schedule quality
  • Red, yellow and green indicators allow for management by exception
  • Configure the scoring metrics based on your best practices

"The Deltek Acumen Suite Has Taken Our Project Planning Tools Into A New Era Of Analytic Rigor."


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