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White Paper:

Five Steps for Successful Risk Analysis on CapEx Projects

With more and more CapEx (capital expenditure) projects taking advantage of the benefits of schedule risk analysis maintaining a competitive advantage without accounting for risk is next to impossible. Accurate forecasting requires schedule risk analysis (SRA), and, with a simplified approach to gaining accurate inputs and vivid insight into project risk, an SRA becomes a highly beneficial and informative process, rather than just a complex exercise in shining light on bad news.

This white paper presents a five-step process for conducting an SRA that helps to simplify the process while improving the accuracy of results and insight gained from the process. Whether you are a seasoned risk analyst looking for better metrics to track and report risk exposure or interested in implementing SRA as part of your project management processes, this guide will benefit you.

Highlights include:

The importance SRA plays in accurate forecasting and project bottom line

How a Monte Carlo risk analysis works

Steps for improving the accuracy of inputs and realism of results

Metrics and reports to enhance the insight gained through SRA