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Top Opportunities Report

Accelerate Your Sales with FY 2023’s Top Federal AEC Opportunities

Download this free report for unrivaled, forward-looking intelligence on the top upcoming high-profile federal procurements for companies providing architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) services to the federal government.

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What's Inside:

In this free report you will learn about contract spending trends with a focus on recapping FY 2022’s federal contract spending and the outlook for AEC government contracts in FY 2023. You will also learn how bellwether contracts like Homeland Security’s NMACC III and Veterans Affairs' Design Build DB Services Eastern Region, Western Region and Central Region top the market.


The U.S. federal government contracting market is vibrant and healthy, with the top federal AEC opportunities for FY 2023 valued at more than $22.8B. Are these opportunities captured in your business development pipeline? Download the report to get all the details.

Prepare Your Company for Fiscal Year 2023 Success:

Top AEC Opps

Capture Details on FY 2023’s Top AEC Opps

Prepare for government contracting success by capturing opportunity details early in the process and determining if an opportunity is a good fit to go after.


Build Your Federal AEC Pipeline

Develop a strong FY 2023 federal business development pipeline with a list of the most lucrative upcoming opportunities relevant for companies providing AEC services to the government.

Get an Edge On Your Competitors

Get an Edge On Your Competitors

Early identification of potential good-fit opportunities for your company to go after gives your business development team an edge against less knowledgeable competitors.

“GovWin is a very good reference for tracking opportunities; always updating new follow-ons and their forecast is essential to stay on top of teaming when needed.”

Rita M. White, Contracts Manager, C. Martin Company

Get the Federal Market Industry Insights You Need to Stay Ahead of the Competition!