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Teaming Agreements 101

This guide outlines what teaming agreements are, how the virtual business environment has changed the way government contractors make connections, best practices for subcontracting, why small businesses should team with larger primes and next steps to get started.

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What's Inside:

In this guide, you will receive tips, tools and resources to help your company optimize its government contracting processes related to networking and establishing strategic partnerships and teaming agreements. You'll also discover why it's more important than ever for federal government contractors, especially small businesses, to consider subcontracting opportunities as part of their go-to-market strategy.

Why Forming Teaming Relationships Matters:

Increased competition

Increased competition

To keep winning in an increasingly competitive environment, contractors are focused on strengthening and building new teaming partnerships



Government contractors are increasingly using teaming relationships to increase their ability to compete and diversify their portfolio



Forming a strong team and positioning your unique capabilities early on in the government contracting lifecycle is critical to influencing opportunities

Federal agency spending is on the rise, but fewer and fewer companies are securing prime dollars. In this competitive environment, many companies, especially small businesses, are finding success by forming teaming agreements with primes and by pursuing subcontracting opportunities.

“We use GovWin IQ for sourcing for new contracts and for identifying detailed information, like expiring contract data, teaming sources, and agency contact info that we couldn’t get from public sources. It’s also miles ahead of other services on the support front. I usually have our question answered the same day from our account person.”

Thomas Smith, QES Manager, Jantec

Keep Ahead of the Competition by Mastering Teaming Agreements