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Improve Project Planning and Quality with Deltek Open Plan

Drive business goals with this comprehensive resource, scheduling, and management tool.

“Open Plan’s ease of use and a consistent interface combine to set Deltek apart from the competition.”

Manager, PennDOT

Open Plan Overview

Discover how Deltek Open Plan improves a team’s ability to complete projects on-time and within budget. With multi-project analysis, critical path planning and resource management, Open Plan enhances planning and scheduling while offering the power and flexibility to serve the differing needs of business, resource and project managers.

What Open Plan Can Do For You

Enhance Schedule Quality

An added layer of schedule control ensures data complies with industry best practices and company policies.

Expedite Project Success

Review, allocate and manage resources and budget to maximize performance while minimizing risk.

Improve Project Planning

Realistic planning through rapid data entry, analysis and reporting on project status updates.

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