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Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Procurement Landscape

The use of Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) source selections in government contracting has become an unavoidable part of doing business with U.S. federal agencies. Deltek leverages insight from government and industry thought-leaders and a broad range of procurement data to identify the policy, budget, and technological factors contributing to the use of LPTA.

Deltek’s Lowest Price, Technically Acceptable (LPTA) Procurement Landscape report provides valuable insight into the use of LPTA that vendors need to compete. The report provides a data-based view of the use of LPTA in the federal market (including IT) from FY 2009 to FY 2014.

Identify trends in the use of LPTA source selections by federal agencies

Understand the policy, budgetary, and technology factors driving the use of LPTA.

Identify the Civilian and Defense departments that are using LPTA the most

Determine strategies for dealing with LPTA to mitigate business impact