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10 KPIs your A&E Firm Should be Measuring and How

Discover which key performance indicators (KPIs) your Architecture and Engineering firm needs to track across your business, people and projects and how to measure them.

10 KPIs your A&E Firm Should be Measuring and How

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What You'll Learn

Get more information about the top 10 KPIs you need to measure and why you should be tracking them. You'll find out what data you need and how to access it, as well as the formulas for calculating each KPI.

This Guide Will Show You

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What KPIs to Track

10 KPIs you should be tracking across your A&E business, people and projects

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Why You Should Be Tracking KPIs

Why you should be tracking these KPIs and what they will tell you about your business

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How to Start Tracking Your KPIs

What data you need and the formula for each KPI you need to track


of A&E firms listed managing growth as a top financial management challenge over the next three years

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