Report Series: Top Federal Opportunities for FY 2022

Kick off federal FY 2022 with industry-leading data and analysis on the top federal opportunities opening up over the next year.

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Top 20 Unrestricted Opportunities

Top 20 Unrestricted Opportunities »

The start of FY 2022 is here, and agencies are releasing billions of dollars’ worth of free and open procurements.

Is your company prepared to win a share of these lucrative unrestricted government contract opportunities?

Top 10 Set-Aside Opportunities

Top 10 Set-Aside Opportunities »

FY 2022 brings new federal opportunities with small business acquisition strategies.

Get a leg up on the competition and ensure your business is ready to win its share of these set-aside contracts!

Top 10 Professional Services Opportunities

Top 10 Professional Services Opps »

Does your organization provide professional services to federal government customers?

Don't miss out on the largest professional services contract opportunities expected to hit the street in FY 2022!

Top 10 AEC Opportunities

Top 10 AEC Opportunities »

Does your company sell architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) solutions to the federal government?

Don’t miss out on this list of top procurements expected to dominate the federal AEC market in FY 2022!