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Deltek Costpoint: G2 Project-Based ERP Leader

Deltek Costpoint has been recognized as a Leader in G2’s Spring 2024 Grid Report for Project-Based ERP, surpassing competitors like Unanet, JAMIS and Acumatica. This report offers valuable insights into the performance and user satisfaction of ERP solutions designed for project-based businesses based on real user reviews. It serves as a reliable resource for organizations searching for the right ERP software. Learn more about how Deltek Costpoint excels in project-based ERP by downloading the report for detailed information.


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Users Love Costpoint

  • 87% of customers rank Deltek Costpoint easy to do business with, according to G2’s Relationship Index, which measures customer satisfaction, likelihood to recommend, and quality of support
  • 85% of SMB customers say that Deltek Costpoint meets their requirements, based on G2’s Usability Index, which evaluates ease of use, ease of administration, and user adoption
  • 90 - top score for any software provider in the G2 Enterprise Project-Based Software category

The G2 Spring 2024 Project-Based ERP Software Grid and Report

The report provides valuable insights into the performance and user satisfaction of various ERP solutions tailored for project-based businesses. This report is based on real user reviews and feedback, making it a reliable resource for organizations seeking the right ERP software.

★★★★★ “Deltek Costpoint handles all facets of Government contracting accounting needs.”

Verified User: Deborah R.

★★★★★ “Deltek Costpoint is the only government contract and project accounting system to use.”

Verified User: Jeffery D.

Discover Deltek Costpoint: Your Project-Based ERP Solution

Access Forty Years of Industry Expertise

Access Forty Years of Industry Expertise

With 40 years of industry experience and expertise, Deltek continues to deliver value and insights to the government contracting community.

Innovate At Every Stage of the Project Lifecycle

Innovate At Every Stage of the Project Lifecycle

Deltek is at the forefront of making the project lifecycle smarter, delivering capabilities that leverage both generative AI and traditional AI.

Meet Cybersecurity Compliance Standards

Meet Cybersecurity Compliance Standards

Deltek’s Costpoint GCCM maintains FedRAMP Moderate Ready Status to support DFARS & CMMC compliance requirements.


user adoption of Deltek Costpoint according to G2 - higher than the average 82% of other project-based ERP software providers.