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Plan Ahead with GovWin's Exclusive FY 2024 Federal Budget Request Analysis

This free executive summary of GovWin's FY 2024 Federal Budget Request: Priorities and Opportunities report highlights the major priorities, programs and budgets within the President's FY 2024 budget request. The report breaks down the request by agency and subagency to equip companies with actionable insights for strategic federal business development planning. Get ahead of the planning curve by requesting your copy of this timely report using the form to the right.

GovWin FY 2024 Federal Budget Request

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What's Inside:

Produced by GovWin’s industry leading Federal Market Analysis team, this timely report analyzes and breaks down the proposed program investments and policy directives outlined in the Biden Administration’s $1.8T fiscal year 2024 discretionary budget request. It aims to deliver a comprehensive view of upcoming federal spending plans with the purpose of supporting federal government contractors in their strategic business development planning with forward-looking trends and tactical spending insights.

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Notable FY 2024 Federal Budget Request Stats:

Overall Budget Request

Overall Budget Request

The Biden-Harris Administration's FY 2024 federal budget request provides $1.8 trillion in federal funding, up from $1.6 trillion requested for FY 2023.

Civilian Budget Request

Civilian Budget Request

The FY 2024 federal budget request contains $942.4 billion in funding for civilian agencies, up 7.8% over FY 2023's request of $851 billion.

Defense Budget Request

Defense Budget Request

The FY 2024 federal budget request contains $842 billion in funding for defense agencies, up 3.2% over FY 2023's request of $773 billion.


At $1.8 trillion in total funding contained within the Biden-Harris Administration’s FY 2024 federal budget request there is significant opportunity for companies of all sizes to help the federal government meet its goals in key priority areas like national security (especially Indo-Pacific and Russian deterrence), cyber security, research & development, infrastructure modernization, public health, climate resiliency and clean energy.

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