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FY 2023 Federal Budget Request: Priorities and Opportunities

This report examines the priorities, initiatives and information technology trends within the Biden Administration’s $1.6T FY 2023 federal budget request. Download the report to access this timely analysis and learn how to maximize federal government contracting pursuits!

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What's Inside

In this free report, GovWin’s federal market experts analyze proposed program investments and policy directives within the Biden Administration’s $1.6T fiscal year (FY) 2023 discretionary budget request, and provide recommendations for federal government contractors to win more federal government contracts.

Notable FY 2023 Federal Budget Request Stats:

Overall Discretionary Budget

Overall Discretionary Budget

Provides $1.5 trillion in federal funding

Civilian Budget

Civilian Budget

Provides $851 billion in funding

Defense Budget

Defense Budget

Provides $773 billion in funding


The total funding in the FY 2023 federal budget request supports the Biden Administration's priorities in areas like climate change, economic equity, public health, national infrastructure and national defense.