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FY 2022 Federal Budget Request: Priorities and Opportunities

This free, comprehensive summary of GovWin's FY 2022 Federal Budget Request: Priorities and Opportunities report analyzes investments and policy directives within the White House's new administration's $1.5T discretionary budget request. This summary is designed to enhance business development planning by providing relevant strategic analysis in key areas like spending priorities, forecasts, policy plans and agency-level trends and initiatives in the FY 2022 discretionary budget request.

Download the report for tactical insight into key areas such as:

  • Understanding top FY 2022 federal department and agency budget and program priorities and spending initiatives
  • Leveraging analysis of $715B in Defense and $827B in Civilian discretionary budgets and the $95.7B Information Technology budget
  • Examining federal discretionary and IT budget trends and proposed changes by agency
  • Priority investment areas for cybersecurity, climate resilience and clean energy

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