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Deltek Customer Day: Product Updates & Vantagepoint Launch

28th Nov. — 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM GMT
RIBA, London W1B 1NT

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Join us for the annual Deltek Customer Day to catch up on our product roadmaps and technology innovation and, be a part of the launch of Deltek Vantagepoint. Designed for Deltek PIM and Deltek Vision customers, this educational event will help you gain actionable insights that you can apply to your business today.

Event highlights include:

  • Keynotes featuring Deltek Executives and thought leaders
  • Breakout tracks for PIM and Vision customers led by Deltek product experts
  • Deep dive product Demo kiosks
  • Meet the Experts 1on1 sessions
  • Networking opportunities

Register to attend and discover what's on the roadmap for your solution, learn about Deltek Vantagepoint and network with your peers and Deltek experts. We hope to see you at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London on the 28th November

Featured Speakers

Brian Daniell

Brian Daniell

Senior Vice President
Customer Care

Bret Tushaus

Bret Tushaus

Vice President
Product Management – Vision
Tim Setchfield

Tim Setchfield

Senior Director
Product Management - PIM
Nick Nieder

Nick Nieder

Product Management - PIM


08.00 - 09.30 Pre-conference: Meet the Experts 1:1 Sessions
09.30 - 10.00 Registration
10.00 – 11:15 Deltek Update

Receive a corporate update from Brian Daniell, Senior Vice President, Deltek Customer Care and hear Deltek’s plans for continuing to be a customer focused organisation.

Hear from Bret Tushaus and Nick Neider as they discuss how we are keeping up with technological innovation and applying this to the needs of your business.

11.15 - 11.25 Morning break
11.25 – 12.45 Hear about the product roadmap for Vision/Vantagepoint and Deltek PIM
12.45 - 13.30 Networking Lunch/Meet the Experts 1:1 sessions/Product Demo Stations
13.30 - 14.30 Product Breakout Sessions

  • Deltek Vantagepoint: What’s New, What’s Different, What’s Reimagined
  • Mobile Custom Forms: How They Are Used in Practice
  • Project Accounting in 19.0
14.40 - 15.40 Product Breakout Sessions

  • Get ready for Deltek Vantagepoint
  • DMS Update and Email Management: What’s the Way Forward
  • Deltek PIM Design Management Tool and the Power of WIP File Management
15.40 - 16.25 Product Breakout Sessions

  • Vantagepoint FAQ Roundtable
  • Collaboration & User Event Closing Remarks
16.25 Networking Reception and Product Demo Stations

Breakout Sessions - Find Out More!

Vantagepoint: What's New, What's Different, What's Reimagined (Bret Tushaus)
As the next generation of the Vision product, Vantagepoint has taken everything you know and love about Vision and brought it into a rich and intuitive new interface. As a part of that transition, a significant amount of re-imagination has been applied to many features and functions to streamline, improve and enhance. As a result, Vantagepoint will support the project lifecycle better than ever before. Come to this session to see the fruits of this reimagination and learn more details about what’s new and what’s different.

Get Ready for Deltek Vantagepoint (Bret Tushaus)
The Vision product has been evolving in recent years and is embarking on its next chapter under the solution name Vantagepoint (formerly DPS). The Vantagepoint product will be familiar to Vision users and will continue to meet the needs of Vision using organisations in new, more powerful and more streamlined ways. As a result, you will want to get your company ready to migrate from Vision to Vantagepoint. Come to this session to learn about the logistical side of the migration, learn about the current timelines and hear about all the things you will want to understand and do to prepare for your migration. Vantagepoint is an exciting evolution of the Vision product and this session will help to prepare you for your migration.

Vantagepoint FAQ Roundtable (Bret Tushaus)
The wide array of Vantagepoint related content covered in the earlier sessions will undoubtedly raise some questions and discussion points. In this session, the Vantagepoint product management team will walk attendees through the questions heard most commonly from Vision using organisations. In addition, there will be plenty of time for attendees to raise their own questions and dive into additional details. This session will be the perfect conclusion for the day and will further prepare attendees for their upgrade to Vantagepoint.

Mobile Custom Forms: How They Are Used In Practice (Robert Baker & Nick Nieder)
Come and hear a lively discussion from a number of clients who have adopted the custom form builder in their businesses. See how custom forms and mobile working have transformed the way their site teams engage with crucial information while on site.

DMS update and Email Management: What's The Way Forward (Emma Radford & Nick Neider)
Get an update on the new document admin tool, see how these can be used to support your team when managing ever changing document sets. The session will then move on to look at the DMS and email management challenge, your views on possible approaches to overcome the issues and what the future of Deltek PIM’s document management should look like.

Project Accounting in 19.0 (Daniel Thorowgood & Dean Moss)
Join us to look at the work we have done in 19.0 to streamline inputs, improve efficiency and power up charting in Project Accounting.

PIM Design Management Tools and the Power of WIP File Management (Phil Shaw & Clive Sewell)
This session will highlight the recent updates to PIM’s design tools. We will then explore how we could simplify DLM so that it’s easier to adopt and collaborate with your product communities.

Collaboration & User Event Closing Remarks (Nick Nieder, Phil Shaw, Tim Setchfield)
This interesting session will be looking at how New Deltek Collaboration integrates with PIM to provide a great environment for interaction both inside your company and with other organisations involved with your project. We will then move on to discuss how you can continue the conversation with use about how PIM can support your business beyond the user event.

Reasons to Attend

Roadmap updates

Get the latest news for what is in the future for your solution.

Networking opportunity

Great opportunity to meet and connect with industry peers

Connect with Deltek

Meet face to face with your Deltek contacts