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Talent Management

Find out how to acquire, develop and retain your people with a solution that powers them for success and helps prepare your firm for future growth.

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Why Deltek Talent Management

The shift to an employee-centric talent marketplace means that it has never been more important to develop and retain your workforce. Deltek Talent Management can help you to manage the entire employee lifecycle, drive employee engagement, and ultimately, deliver even more successful projects.

What Deltek Talent Management can do for you

Acquire Top

Build high performance teams while reducing time to hire and time to productivity.

Develop Current

Engage your teams with learning and development opportunities.

Optimize Your

Strategically analyze the entire workforce to predict future needs.

What can you expect from Deltek Talent Management?

  • Acquire top talent and onboard quickly to get your people on billable projects faster
  • Engage your employees with learning and development opportunities to nurture a productive workforce
  • Retain more talent with thoughtful performance management that matches the way your project teams work
  • Prepare your organization for the future with dynamic development and succession planning tools that make sense for your business
  • Manage compensation to ensure you are offering the most competitive packages to candidates and employees

“Before it took weeks to get a response from hiring managers, now once the applicant is found through the system it takes approximately 2 weeks from interview to hire”

Kendahle Artis, HR Director, Primera Engineers