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Gain Better Project Control With Deltek PM Compass

Effectively manage and update all project information from a single, innovative "command center".

"PM Compass has wiped out about six or seven custom application requirements, ones that we'd be forced to build and maintain ourselves, or extend other applications like Excel."

Program Control Manager, Top Tier Defense Contractor

PM Compass Overview

Allowing project teams to integrate their unique mix of program control tools into a single, centralized portal, Deltek PM Compass ensures scheduling, cost, reporting, analysis and risk management tools are working in concert to deliver concise views of the data needed by decision-makers.

PM Compass Capabilities

Integration, Visibility and Control

Both detailed and holistic program information helps projects stay appropriately resourced and on-task.

Single, Centralized Platform

Unique mix of program control tools integrated into a single informational portal to deliver concise views of reliable data.

Change Management

Ensure change is handled with the necessary data, documentation and approvals required to modify project scope, schedule and budget.

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