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Project Information Management (PIM)

Email & document management in one searchable system

Elevated Information Management

Deltek PIM provides one system for managing all information, fully integrated with your Deltek ERP. Organize and control information so that it is easy to find – saving time, boosting efficiences, and reducing risk.

Connect Information Across The Entire Company

Improve Efficiency

See all deadlines and action items in one place – saving time. Search all files with a few clicks – boosting productivity.

Reduce Risk

Eliminate the data silos that result in lost and misplaced files. Easily integrate all information – improving efficiencies.

Increase Profitability

Employees spend less time searching for files and more time on billable work – directly impacting the bottom line.

“Before Deltek PIM, it took a lot of time to sift through multiple locations to find critical project information. Now the data we need is just a few clicks away.”

Brad Bowman, IT Administrator, CDG Engineers & Associates

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