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Deltek Learning Zone

Develop, maximize, and showcase your Deltek product skills.

Product Training When You Need It

The DLZ (Deltek Learning Zone) is your single source for Deltek product training and learning. The DLZ is a subscription-based learning platform that offers innovative and modernized product training so you can get the most out of your Deltek investment.

How Does it Work?

Get the exact training needed, at a pace that works with your busy schedule through consumable learning modalities such as virtual live classes, self-paced learning, infographics, support videos and quick reference clickguides. You’ll learn directly from the experts who built the Deltek products you use, in addition to instructors who have mastered their Deltek product knowledge.

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Benefits of the Deltek Learning Zone

Intuitive Learning Platform

Find the exact courses needed by navigating the intuitive learning platform and following suggested learning paths.


Get unlimited, 24/7 access to training so you can learn at your own pace with your preferred training mode.

Product Certification Program

Prove your Deltek product knowledge and earn industry recognition with Costpoint, Vision or Ajera certifications.

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