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Discover how Deltek Ajera can help you improve project visibility, streamline cash flow and make better, faster business decisions.

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An Intuitive, Powerful Solution for Project-Based Businesses

Architecture, engineering (A&E) and consulting firms need a solution to plan project resources, manage projects and streamline financial management. An industry-specific solution gives project-based firms improved visibility, insight and control across all areas of their projects and financials. It allows firms to make better decisions in a timely fashion to run their business looking ahead rather than always looking back through the rearview mirror.

Why Choose Deltek Ajera?

As your business becomes more sophisticated, you need a way to better manage your projects by moving away from generic accounting systems, standalone spreadsheets and manual processes. Ajera is an easy-to-use project management and accounting system that automates manual processes and delivers timely and accurate data about your projects, your finances and your business.

Ajera Benefits

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Manage Resources &

Enable project managers to assign resources, create budgets and schedules and monitor performance to maximize profitability.

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Cash Flow

Improve cash flow and get paid faster with accurate invoices and automated financial tools for greater precision and control.

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Make Better

Gain insight into projects and company financial health through interactive dashboards and in-depth reporting.

"I wish we had found Ajera when we first started Apex. I can't help but think about how many thousands of hours we threw away before Ajera was in place. Ajera has undoubtedly helped Apex move into a better position for the future."


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Deltek Ajera Powers Project Success