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Defense Agencies Strategic Outlook for 2022-2023

Ongoing modernization efforts are underway across the Department of Defense's (DoD) Fourth Estate agencies. Take advantage of this free report analyzing the department's Defense Agencies and its contracting trends, as well as the business prospects for 2022 and beyond.

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What's Inside:

In this free report, GovWin’s federal market experts analyze ongoing modernization efforts currently underway across the DoD’s Fourth Estate agencies. The report takes a look back at defense contract spending trends, highlights DoD opportunities watch, provides an FY 2023 defense budget outlook and itemizes major defense agency challenges and conclusions for government contractors to consider in the year ahead.

Notable Stats:

Opportunities to Watch

Opportunities to Watch

More than $56B in highlighted defense opportunities to watch

Contractor-Addressable Budget

Contractor-Addressable Budget

More than $81B in contractor-addressable defense budget for FY 2023

80% of Fourth Estate Spending

80% of Fourth Estate Spending

Is concentrated at the following agencies: DLA, DHA, MDA and USSOCOM


Small business contractor-addressable spending was higher in FY 2021 than mandated. Fourth Estate agencies excel at working with small businesses.

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