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Grow Your Sales with DHS Government Contracts

The Department of Homeland Security is charged with achieving diverse missions in a complex and ever-changing environment. Take advantage of this free report analyzing DHS contracting trends and business prospects for 2022 and beyond.

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What's Inside:

This free report takes looks a look at the latest DHS federal government contracting trends including: FY 2023 budget outlook, top issues and priorities, procurement and contract spending trends, preferred contract vehicles, top contractors and highlighted opportunities to consider adding to your business development pipeline.

Features and Benefits:

Opportunities to Watch

Opportunities to Watch

More than $14.6B in highlighted DHS opportunities to watch.

Contractor-Addressable Budget

Contractor-Addressable Budget

More than $27B in contractor-addressable DHS budget for FY 2023.

Shifting Procurement Methods

Shifting Procurement Methods

DHS continues to seek more efficient procurement methods that impact contractors’ ability to compete.

“Deltek GovWin IQ is the "Cadillac" of systems to track government contracting opportunities. Now that we have made the investment to implement GovWin IQ, I feel better about our chances for success in the future.”

Craig Berryman, President/COO, JMETS

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