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The Department of the Air Force plans to reorganize and modernize under the new “Reoptimizing for Great Power Competition” effort. Take advantage of this free report looking at Air Force and Space Force contracting trends and business prospects heading into the new fiscal year.

Air Force & Space Force Strategic Outlook for 2024-2025

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What's Inside:

This free report takes a look at the Department of Air Force's contracting trends, as well as those for the Space Force, including:

  • Planned actions to address four broad categories: develop capabilities, project power, generate readiness and develop people.
  • A look back at the Department’s recent contracting performance.
  • The Department’s FY 2025 budget outlook.
  • Top upcoming Air Force and Space Force contracting opportunities.

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From the Deltek Clarity GovCon Industry Study

Sample Key Takeaways:


Great Power Competition

The USAF and USSF have undergone a transformative few years. The impact to acquistion processes and deliverables will put an emphasis on enterprise solutions, intentional integration, agile and adaptable processes and systems, and resilient, survivable, and sustainable capabilities.


Sustained Contracting Growth

Historically high Air Force budgets should continue to drive strong contract spending in FY 2025. The FY 2024 budget delay may shift pent-up demand into the next fiscal year.


IT as a Force Enabler

Top-line IT spending is growing, even if the enterprise IT portion is relatively flat. Investments in mission-oriented IT capabilities, including cyber, continue to grow.

The FY 2025 budget continues the robust growth that began in FY 2022 to meet strategic priorities and global readiness challenges. However, anticipate continued debate and oversight in Congress, which will create uncertainties and delays, pushing some timelines to the left.

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