Agency Best Practice Guide For Operations Management

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Agency Best Practice Guide For Operations Management

How to power your people, projects and profits when your agency is faced with ever-increasing delivery time, efficiency and resource challenges.

This guide focuses on:

Optimal Project Management

How to set the baseline for your projects, manage ongoing processes and execute your plans with clarity and confidence.

Successful Resource Management

Learn the 3 steps of successful agency resource management, and how to plan effectively for the future.

Controlling Project Financials

From freelance ratio to over-servicing and project margins, learn how to control and improve your project financials.

This guide provides practical advice and tips on Agency Operations Management including:

  • The 3 KPIs to focus on for project managers
  • Establishing your full project delivery model
  • Establishing your project control point
  • Controlling progress
  • Getting a complete view on tasks and utilization rate
  • Weekly planning process
  • Monthly forecasting and long-term planning
  • Getting the right level of detail in planning

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