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Learn the Secrets of High Growth Consultancies

2022 High Growth Study: Consulting Services Edition

High Growth Study 2022

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What's Inside

High Growth Consulting firms (those with an annual growth rate of +20%) grew over 3X faster than their average peers last year. The 2022 High Growth Study looks at key aspects of their technology, talent, management, and marketing strategies to identify the operational efficiencies that fuel this extraordinary growth.

“By comparing your firm’s marketing and operational practices to those of the high performers, you can start modeling your company after some of the fastest-growing firms in the world.”

2022 Hinge High Growth Study: Consulting Services Edition

You Will Discover:

What Fuels Growth?

What Fuels Growth?

What factors fuel growth for the most successful firms?

Specific Strategies

Specific Strategies

Immediate actions to take regarding technology, talent, strategy, and marketing.

Top Industry Concerns

Top Industry Concerns

Anticipated business challenges for consulting firms in 2022 and beyond.


High Growth firms had a median growth rate of 35%. Get the key differentiators to this explosive growth.