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2022 Outlook: Marketing Agency Leadership Report

What Agencies Are Expecting for the Year Ahead: Growth, Operations & Morale

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What's Inside

Hundreds of agency leaders, from a variety of creative agencies worldwide, participated in the survey to share their expectations for the year ahead. From client spends to hiring trends, this report is a great snapshot of what lies ahead for the coming year and how your agency counterparts intend to tackle the challenges.

"Process was a key initiative and had a committee assigned to it. We've made some progress through identifying key areas to streamline or optimize to reduce pain points and increase efficiencies."

Learn What Agencies Predict for the Year Ahead

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Why agencies are putting more of an emphasis on profitable growth compared to year’s past

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How agencies plan to focus more on talent acquisition and retention in 2022

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Why agency leaders intend to invest in better technology to improve their operations


of agency leaders said that they will allocate significant spend toward hiring more talent in 2022.