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Which Top SLED Government Purchasing Trends Should You Watch in 2024?

In our 10th annual edition, we uncover the top 10 areas of growing demand by state, local, and education (SLED) government buyers. Our unique research, powered by GovWin’s proprietary Smart Tags, identifies pockets of opportunity to assist SLED governments in achieving their goals. Get your free report by submitting the request form to the right.

10 Hotspots in State & Local Government Contracting for 2024

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What's Inside:

Delve into GovWin IQ’s comprehensive report that unveils the SLED government contracting hotspots for 2024, along with analysis of the underlying drivers behind each trend. You’ll also discover how each of the hotspots in this year’s top 10 list roll up to several core themes:

  • Investing in community well-being
  • Upgrading infrastructure, facilities & education
  • Funding a green future
  • Navigating cloud & drone innovations

Additionally, gain valuable knowledge about bid growth rates, state rankings and strategic business development tips. Suppliers, vendors and contractors, this report is your guide to success in the SLED government market!

“GovWin IQ from Deltek offers tremendous depth of functionality for SLED, and has great customer support along with sales support.”

Yogi Muthuswamy, Program Manager, YKM Tech Services

Major Themes in 2024's SLED Contracting Hotspots:


Investing in Community Well Being

Communities need more support than ever and this is being reflected in SLED governments increasing investments to ensure they are protected.


Upgrading Infrastructure, Facilities & Education

As state and local government infrastructure ages, governments are making strides to repair and renovate aging infrastructure and underutilized facilities.

renewable energy

Funding a Green Future

The push for the conversion to efficient and renewable energies continues as states ramp up their commitments to relying less on fossil fuels for energy.


In preparing our annual Hotspots for the SLED government market, GovWin's SLED market analysts leveraged data from GovWin's industry-leading public sector market intelligence database and utilized our proprietary Smart Tags to identify 10 product or service areas that are experiencing notable growth in usage or adoption by SLED governments.

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