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Top Purchases Made by Canadian Governments in 2023

Deltek’s first ever “10 Hotspots in Canadian Government Contracting for 2023” highlights the top areas of growing demand among Canadian government buyers. In this exclusive research, GovWin’s Canada Market Analysis team evaluates thousands of products and services across various industries to help companies selling into the Canadian public sector understand what is motivating today's purchasing patterns. To prepare this research, our analysts leveraged GovWin's proprietary Smart Tags to streamline and classify the ten ‘hotspots.’ Submit the request form to get your copy of this free report.

10 Hotspots in Canadian Government Contracting for 2023

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What's Inside

Leveraging GovWin IQ’s proprietary Smart Tags, this report profiles each of the 10 ‘hotspots,’ including bid and tender growth rates, opportunity spotlights, tips for suppliers, and the various factors driving growth for each theme or trend. Read this report to gain a deeper understanding of what’s motivating current buying trends at all three levels of government in Canada: federal, provincial and territorial, and MASH (municipalities, academic institutions, schools and hospitals).

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Major Themes in 2023's Canadian Contracting Hotspots:

Clean Energy Transition and Environment

Clean Energy Transition and Environment

Canadian governments across all sectors are focused on leveraging the help of vendors, suppliers and contractors to help them achieve their environmental, sustainability and clean energy transition goals.

Workplace, Equity and Wellness

Workplace, Equity and Wellness

Like in commercial markets, expectations for improved workplaces, equity and wellness are shifting for Canadian government workers, and the public, with agencies seeking vendors to help them evolve.

Economic Development and Benefits to Citizens

Economic Development and Benefits to Citizens

Governments across Canada are publishing bids and tenders to bolster the strength of the economy nationwide and assist in developing programs designed to improve livability for its citizens.


In preparing this research, GovWin's Canadian market analysts leveraged data from GovWin's industry-leading public sector market intelligence database and utilized our proprietary Smart Tags to identify 10 product or service areas that are experiencing notable growth in usage or adoption by Canadian governments.

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